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Some want to prosecute the dead

In reflecting on the controversy about statues and flags, I was reminded of Shakespeare’s insightful lines, spoken by Marc Antony in “Julius Caesar”, Act 3, Scene 2: “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” All of us are imperfect creatures. We err in judgment and in… Read More

The Fascism of Leftist Students

Fascists on the political Left have once again invaded The State University of New York at Buffalo (“UB”). The school’s own independent student publication The Spectrum, said it all in the headline of a May 2 article ( “A Campus Divided: Robert Spencer’s visit met with chaos and opposition”. All kinds of folks, draped dramatically… Read More

Differing Responses to Slavery and Oppression

The plight of blacks in America as the result of over 200 years of slavery, followed by another 100 years of pseudo-slavery inherent in Jim Crow laws has been well documented. Racism, too, has dogged black people in America. Blacks have truly suffered greatly. The purpose of this document is certainly not to deny that… Read More

Goodbye to a Jihadist

Well, it looks like police officers in Paris, France dispatched another Sword of Allah to his eternal resting place this past Friday as he attempted to attack a police station with a meat cleaver. While I still have questions about his apparently diminished mental capacity, I know I will miss his pleasant toothless smile and… Read More

Denying a Means of Self-Defense

According to a web posting by The Guardian in the United Kingdom, FBI Crime Statistics show that in 2011, 8,583 murders were committed with firearms in the United States. That is down slightly from 8,874 in 2010. Politicians, following recent highly publicized mass shootings in the US, are taking these gun-related deaths seriously with a… Read More

Wither America?

Most Americans consider ISIS and what is termed “radical” Islam to be a menace. They are correct insofar as their being a physical threat to America. A more subtle and existential threat to the United States is the growing appeal of progressive politics and their attendant social policies. America’s decline as the unparalleled land of… Read More

RPI “postpones” screening of “American Sniper”

This was my response to Mr. Brond, Vice President for Strategic Communications & External Relations at RPI, and his announcement that a screening of “American Sniper” had been postponed (announcement is provided below) at the request of the RPI Muslim Students Association. Response to Mr. Brond: “American Sniper” is a movie. Attend the screening or… Read More

Muslim woman killed for allegedly burning a Quran

Another milestone in the decline of civilization could be witnessed last Thursday (March 19) in Kabul. A Muslim woman was killed by a mob after being accused of desecrating a Quran. No need to wait for verifying the facts. No need to seek review of the circumstances by competent imams. Just go with how you and… Read More

The Time for a Muslim Reformation is Now

  Background Unlike what Americans are used to in the codified separation of civil law and individual religious beliefs, in Islam, there is no distinction between religious and secular—every aspect of life is subject to Sharia Law. Sharia is based on the Quran, Sira, and Hadith. The latter two are writings regarding the perfect example… Read More

PC(USA) wrongly divests of companies in Israel

At its latest General Assembly a few weeks ago, the Presbyterian Church (USA) passed a measure to divest of Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola holdings because those companies ” . . . . contribute to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.” Below is my letter to the denomination, sent today and which strongly opposes that measure.  … Read More

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I was on the edge of my seat and practically read the book in one sitting. It is riveting suspenseful and intriguing. Characters are bright and articulate and the scary thing is this could happen. When is the sequel? And the movie?

Linda Munn

Tightly constructed, fast moving story line, well researched, good character development and unexpected plot twists. I am looking forward to his next one.

Juanita C. Collins

Facts About Masada:

Masada - a well-preserved archeological site dating from 37 BC about 30 miles from Jerusalem.